MAS KAOS is a pizzeria and taqueria dedicated to serving two worlds of classic fare imported from our sister restaurants on South Pearl – Uno Mas Taqueria y Cantina, and Kaos Pizzeria. Uno Mas draws inspiration from the deep traditions of Mexican street fare, mezcals, and tequilas. Kaos Pizzeria pays homage to Naples-style wood-fired artisan pizzas, local craft beers, and Old World wines.

We craft your food in a way most restaurants would deem out-dated and inefficient, but we know our methods to be authentic and exclusive. Each step in preparation is time-honored and personal, independent of modern mechanical processing. Our pizza dough is hand-kneaded, then cooked to delicious imperfection in our wood-fired oven – just as it was done centuries ago.

We smoke our meats, fire-roast our peppers, and customize each raw ingredient with our own flavor and flair. We’ve immersed ourselves in regional cuisines through travel and practice. We’ve harvested piñas alongside the Jimadores, tasted grapes off the vine, watched the fog roll into the Petaluma Gap, and enjoyed meals with home cooks and master chefs in both Italy and Mexico – and bring all this experience to our menu and customers.

We don’t take shortcuts in our process, nor do our local and international suppliers. Our herbs, vegetables, free-range poultry and eggs, heirloom pork, and grass-fed beef come from local farms and ranches. The San Marzano tomatoes and 00 Caputo flour used in our pizzas are cultivated in centuries-old farmland surrounding Mt. Vesuvius.

The wine list reflects our great admiration for family owned vineyards and remarkable small production estate wines from near and far. The small-batch, 100% blue agave tequilas behind our bar are born in the red and rocky soils of Jalisco, and steeped in tradition.

The Italian and Mexican cultures share many commonalities, especially in their respect for ritual, love of food and drink, and belief in the connections between soil and life. We are honored to bring these two worlds together as MAS KAOS.